Live Streaming and current situation...

i'm currently in the process of writing songs and getting them ready to record.
i have 3 new songs, just about ready to record, plus one more that "only" needs new lyrics.
2 of them will hopefully be in the pop punk genre and the other 2 are acoustic songs.

very much looking forward to getting this done.

i'm also considering trying out live streaming, for the very first time... ūü§Ē¬†

if that happens, what songs would you like to hear? 

please let me know in the comments, or any way you'd prefer.
i have links to all my social media here on my site, so just leave me a comment wherever you like.

it could be just about any one of your favourite songs, but maybe i'll make some changes, to make them more "my style". 

the only requirements i have are the following: 

1 - i'll need to like the songs (a lot) 

2 - the songs need to be in english or in swedish 

3 - no rap 

4 - no jazz 

5 - no opera

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