What Happened At Dalslands KulturAuktion 2018-07-28...

last saturday (2 days ago), i played at dalslands kulturauktion, in dals långed, sweden.
it was a very hot day, but still there were about 350 visitors in total, during the day, so the event was successful.

i had a good time playing and i felt pretty good about my performance.
i played 16 songs in about 1 hour.
14 songs by creedence and 2 of my own songs.
these are the songs i played (you can click on the songs, if you wanna hear the original versions):

* bad moon rising
* lodi
* cotton fields
* down on the corner
* proud mary
* nevermore (my song)
* have you ever seen the rain
* hello mary lou
* looking out my back door
* the midnight special
* i'm sorry (my song)
* travelin' band
* fortunate son
* up around the bend
* rockin' all over the world
* rock and roll girls

i had 2 more songs prepared as a backup, if needed (but i didn't have time to play them before the auction started):

* who'll stop the rain
* good golly miss molly

photo by my wife, chyntia halldén.
thanx for your love and support.
i love you.

thanx to jonny andersson for arranging this event and for a very good cause.
all profits from the event go to prostate cancer research.

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