Sweden Rock Festival...

Last Wednesday I got in a car with Lennart Larsson and  Håkan Höög and 07:30 we headed for Norje and Sweden Rock Festival.
I was also there 3 years ago, so this was my second time around.
We were a bunch of awesome frinds "living" in a partytent:
* Michael "Kåkå" Karlsson
* Tomas Edgren
* Björn Sjöström
* "Grottis"
* Martin Christoffersson
* Joel Esbjörnsson

It was kind of hard to dress right, cause during the day it was too hot and during the night it was freezing and all the time there were more bands to see, more music to hear, so there wasn't enough time to go back to the tent and change clothes.
This meant that as soon as the sun went down most people started freezing.
I even had to buy a hat to sleep in, bacause of the cold.
Anyway, it was another awesome festival and i saw/ heard a lot of bands during the full 4 days this festival lasts (2015-06-03 - 2015-06-06).
I saw/ heard in the following order:
* Spike´s Free House (Featuring Spike from The Quireboys)
* Children Of Bodom
* Steve Grimmet´s Grim Reaper (a few songs before Slash started)
* Slash featuring Myles Kennedy
* Airbourne
* Battle Beast
* Hammerfall
* Def Leppard
* Ghost

* Wolf (just a few songs)
* Opeth (just a few songs)
* Mad Max (just a few songs)
* Backyard Babies
* Motley Crue
 ' H.e.a.t (just a few songs)

* Mustasch
* Exciter
* Hardcore Superstar (just a few songs)
* Riot V
* Ace Frehley
* Five Finger Death Punch
* Refuge (just a few songs before Extreme started)
* Extreme
* Judas Priest

We got in the car and headed back home, right after Judas Priest.
Thanx to everyone who made this years festival awesome!!!


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