short story of this week...

this last week summed up:
* graveyard shifts at work.
* had a cup of coffee with a new musical acquaintance called Dick Johansson, who's recently moved back home after about half a lifetime in the states.
* thursday equals ukulele.
* watched the last episode of sons of anarchy.
brilliant show and too bad it's over.
* went to the local theatre and watched "jupiter ascending".
it was kind of cool and definately worth checking out if you're into sci-fi.
* i've been working on my new twitter and soundcloud accounts, to get things rolling there.
* started working on a video of our show att the local theatre 2015-01-10.
* today is valentine's day and to celebrate, we have a reservation tonight, at a restaurant called solsidan in a small town nearby (åmål).
* tomorrow it's rehearsal with fredrik.


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