reflections after the gig at wilmas musicpub 2015-09-12...

on saturday, me and the guys from d.i.g had a gig at wilmas musicpub in arvika, sweden.
we stuffed 2 cars full of gear and ourselves and hit the road at about 16:30.
it's about a 100 km drive and not the best roads, so i guess it took us about 1.5 hours to get there.
our first stop was at chrille and proba's place in arvika.
really nice couple.
we had a cup of refreshing coffe and some interesting discussions about nothing and everything, before time ran out and we had to leave for wilmas musicpub.
we got there at about 19:30 and this is what the front door looked like:

we shook some hands as we said hi to everyone inside and started to relocate our gear from the cars to the stage.
when everything was in place, it was time for soundcheck.
i started out soundchecking, but had some problems with the vocals not giving any signal at all.
i had my mic connected to my voicelive 3 and that's where the problem was, cause it worked just fine without the vl3.
eventually i found the problem, so it all worked out in the end, but it got to the point where i started to prepare myself not being able to use it and that would've meant no harmonies and i probably would've lost a lot of dynamics to my performance in that case.
d.i.g had no problems with their soundcheck, except for a few minor tweaks to get the levels right.
at about 20:30 we had some food, "on the house".
i had carbonara.

at about 22:10, i got up on the stage to play my set of 10 songs.
shortly after i had started talking to the crowd, introducing myself and so on, i saw a familiour face.
it was a friend from where we used to work a long time ago.
before this night i hadn't seen her since about 1997, so it was really nice to see and talk to her again after all these years.

before this night, i had never played a set longer than 6 songs, so this was a pretty big step forward for me.
i made a few small mistakes, but nothing serious, so all in all, i feel pretty good about my performance.
one weird "problem" i had was that i thought my guitar sounded out of tune, even though i had just tuned it.
i checked the tuning once again just to make sure, but the tuner showed that it was ok, so i just had to try to let that go and keep playing.
one of my goals for improvement this night was to keep focused on the songs and not let my thoughts drift away, as that's been a "problem" for me sometimes before and if that happens, that's when i start making mistakes.
that goal was reached this night and i managed to keep focused during the entire show and that feels like progress to me.
another thing that felt great was that i didn't get as nervous this time, as i sometimes do.
maybe/ hopefully this means that i'm learning how to deal with it.
i'm still new when it comes to live performances and i know i have a lot to learn, but i feel like i'm making improvements every time i get up on that stage.
this is a pic of me during this show:

this night i had my very first "creedence experience", meaning that in the middle of my performance (between songs) someone in the crowd shouted "CREEDENCE!!!".
i knew this was gonna happen sooner or later and now it has.
i told him something like:
"i'm sorry, but it's not gonna happen tonight, but i will play one coversong before i'm done".
unfortunately he and his friends responded by leaving.
out of those 10 songs, i played 4 of them for the very first time in public.

* i know why
* my love is real
* i wanna know
* bye bye johnny (written by the rockband "return" from norway)

i played for about 50 minutes and this is my complete setlist for the night:

when i was done, d.i.g entered the stage.
they played a set of 8 songs this night.
their music is rock/ hard rock, so it's a completely different genre than what i played.
you can listen to their music here:
i think it's really cool to have 2 completely different musical styles like this on the same stage, on the same night.
they were just as awesome as they always are and played their set without any problems.
this is a live photo i shot of d.i.g from this gig:

when they were done, we moved all our gear back to our cars, said "so long" to everyone and hit the road again.
when we got back to our rehearsal space, we moved the gear from our cars one last time.
i got home and crashed at about 03:00.

this was a long day, but an awesome, memorable adventure and one that i'd be more than happy to do again and again and again...
thanx to wilmas musicpub for having us.
thanx to the crowd for showing up.
thanx to d.i.g for a really great and shared experience and for putting up yet another great show.
i hope we can do this again some time soon, brothers of "the bunker".

peace and love to all who deserves it!



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