Piece And Love Festival 2016...

my wife surprised me big time and bought tickets for the piece and love festival in borlänge, sweden :-) 
it's a very well reputed festival that we've wanted to visit for a long time. 
we've also wanted to visit borlänge for a long time, so kind of like 2 birds with 1 stone :-) 

it's a long way from home, so we decided to go by train. 
expensive, but also pretty nice and conveniant. 

we knew that the hotel (hotel brage) wasn't far from the trainstation, so when we arrived, we started walking towards the city centre, to try and find it. 
we found it quickly and went to our room. 
it looked ok, but nothing special. 
it's located close to the festival, so i was surprised that we could get a room at all. 
the worst part of it was that the bathroom had a terrible smell, so we turned on the shower and hoped that running water would make things better. 
i told the hotel manager about it and she said that we could have another room if we wanted. 
i said that let's see if it helps with the running water and if it doesn't, we'll take another room. 
fortunately it did help and the next day most of the smell was gone, so we stayed in that room for 3 nights. 

one of the bands we were definately gonna see at the festival, were "mustasch". 
a really great heavy metal band from gothenburg, sweden. 
when we were heading out to the festival the very first day, we ran into the leadsinger of mustasch, ralf gyllenberg. 
we stayed at the same hotel and he was just out for a smoke. 
i'd read just a few days before, that he had recently turned 50, so i congratulated him. 
he did talk to us, but it all seemed kind of reluctantly as he obviously wanted to get this short "meeting" over with asap. 
i don't know, maybe he didn't like being reminded of being 50...? 
here's a pic though, of my wife and the one and only ralf gyllenberg: 

here are the bands/ artists we saw/ listened to (some of them just for a short while though): 

* gustaf norén with family 
* the crunch 
* darin 
* moa lignell 
* elliphant 
* graveyard 
* melissa horn 
* miriam bryant 
* electric boys 

* strebers 
* michael monroe 
* ane brun 
* pernilla andersson 
* lars winnerbäck 

* browsing collection 
* rotten mind 
* titiyo 
* tomas andersson wij 
* little jinder 
* jerry wiliams 
* backyard babies 
* the baboon show 
* mustasch 
* moto boy 
* troublemakers 

we had a great time in borlänge and we'll most likely be back :-) 
very nice festival with a nice blend of music. 
something for everyone i'm sure.

here are some random pics from the the festival:

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