open mic starts again - 2016-02-03...

2 days ago (2016-02-03) a new season of open mics started at the sensus café here in bengtsfors, sweden.
very nice arrangement and i'd like to thank dick johansson and sensus for making this happen.
i performed 2 songs that evening:
* att vara...
* too much

it was the first time i performed "att vara..." in public.
before this evening, the acoustic version i played had only been heard before by 2 people in this whole wide world.
me and my wife.
it was also the very first time i played my "new" acoustic tanglewood guitar outside my apartment.

i wrote "att vara..." (english translation would be something like "to be...") back in the late 90:s.
it was the first song i ever wrote in swedish and it's actually still the only one.
the first version back then was hard rock and was recorded on my 4-track cassette recorder, with the help of my brother patric.
i very recently decided to record a new and improved version of this song and i recorded vocals for it last weekend.
it was the very first time i recorded vocals on my ipad and i had some initial problems, but hopefully it's all fine and you'll get to here it pretty soon, i think and hope.

this was the second time i played "too much" in public.
it's a song that's on my album.
you can listen to it here if you want:
my throat was a little sore, so i decided to play it a half key lower then i usually do.
next open mic will be in less than 2 weeks...


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