Open Mic 2016-04-27...

yesterday there was another open mic at café sensus in bengtsfors, sweden.
it was the season finale, but it will start again after the summer.
thanx to everyone at sensus dalsland!
thanx to dick johansson!
thanx to susanne olsen!
thanx to all the artists!
thanx to the audience!

all photos by susanne olsen, except the one in black and white by jeanette augustin.

* top left is me.
* to my right on the violin is sandra holmedahl.
* top right corner, sorry i don't know his name.
* below me are dick johansson and lena bergfalk.
* bottom left corner are josefin uddén (it was actually her birthday) and moira jonsson karttunen.
* next to them is dick johansson.
* middle right is olle hanssen.
* bottom right is dilba fredriksson.
* top left is olle hanssen.
* next to him is elin nygren.
* bottom left is johan bryntesson.
* in the middle are julia he and alinda bryntesson.
* bottom right is jeanette augustin.

i usually play my songs towards the end of the show, but this time i was one of the first out.
i played the following songs:
* nevermore
* my love is real
* när lyktorna tänds (håkan hellström)

i usually play 3 songs, sometimes 2 depending on how many performances there are for the evening.
when i play 3 songs, i like to do 2 of my own songs and 1 cover.
this time i had a hard time choosing the cover song.
i knew i wanted to sing a song in swedish, so on monday (2 days before open mic) i finally decided to try out "när lyktorna tänds" by håkan hellström.
it's definately one of my favourite songs by him and like it a lot.
since i had only 2 days to practice and it's not the easiest song to sing, i knew that i took a risk if i was going to do it at all.
i made my decision to take the chance/ risk of playing it, just before i got up on the stage.
i didn't know the lyrics for it, so i had it printed on 2 pieces of paper.
since i wanted to play my songs sitting down, i had to use a different mic and mic stand than the ones playing before me and it wasn't very adjustable (only height), so the sheet music stand got a little too close to me, so as the song progressed the song the lyrics got more and more placed under me, so it got increasingly harder to read and i had to adjust my posture and head accordingly, which caused me to make a mistake at the end of the song, when i couldn't read the last lines.
but anyway i think i did an ok version of it.
could've been better (always true no matter what happens), could've been worse...


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