Open Mic 2016-03-30...

last wednesday it was time for open mic again.
sound engineer Mikael Blom was there to make sure everything sounded great and he also recorded the performances this evening.
i have a talented friend who i had earlier invited to sing a song.
her name is Jeanette Augustin.
she chose a song called "i won't let you go" by James Morrison.
we rehearsed it a few times the week before.
i played guitar and she sang.
i think our version turned out pretty good and even though she was very nervous during the performance, she did a great job.

after that song, i performed 2 songs on my own:
* leaving (title track of my album)
* for better for worse (first song on my album)
maybe i'll put the live versions up here when i get them.

thanx to Dick Johansson and Sensus for arranging these very nice events!
thanx to Susanne Olsen for this picture.

Jeanette Augustin is in the bottom left corner.
i'm in the bottom right corner.

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