open mic 2016-03-02...

on Wednesday it was time for another open mic, at sensus café in Bengtsfors.
i was sick the week before and still had some coughing problems left to deal with from that, so I pretty much couldn't sing at all until the day of the open mic, which made me very hesitant if I could go through with it and perform the 3 songs I was planning to.
i felt better that day though and didn't cough as much as before, so I decided to give it a shot, with the risk of starting to cough in the middle of a song.
as luck would have it, I made it through without a single cough during my performance.
when I connected my guitar, I was surprised that there was no sound from the speakers.
apparentely the battery was dead (I hope/think), so I had to borrow a Taylor guitar from Dick Johansson.
Mikael Blom was there to record the performances of the evening and being a sound engineer, he made everything sound very sweet.
these are the songs I performed:
* I Wanna Know (performed for the second time ever in public).
* Sol Över Oss (skriven av det svenska punkrockbandet Dia Psalma).
* I'll be there

photo by susanne olsen.

andreas bryntesson - i'll be there

dia psalma - sol över oss

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