new ukulele...

i recently (2016-05-29) bought my second ukulele :-)
my first ukulele (ibanez iceman uic10) is great, but the main reason for getting another one, was that i wanted one with electronics,
so i can hook it up to a speaker if need be.
the plan was to get a kala ukulele, which seems to be the top recommended brand, after some online research.
i went to the only local musicstore nearby to check out what he had.
the best one i have is a lanikai, he told me.
he did have a kala ukulele, but not with electronics.
i tried the lanikai out and it sounds awesome, looks great and has electronics.
i quickly looked it up online on my phone, still in the store.
apparently they had upgraded the electronics since they started making it.
the new and improved electronics is called "shadow".
i checked it right away and was happy to see the "shadow" electronics system in this lanikai.
this ukulele seems to have mixed reviews, but after reading some of them, many of the bad ones are because of the old electronics system, which is probably why they decided to change it.
anyway, i bought it and i'm happy about it :-)

my new lanikai ck-teq ukulele

my ibanez iceman uic10


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