Day After The Gig at Kickis Café...

yesterday (2016-08-13) i played at kickis café in bengtsfors, sweden.
it was the day of the great canoe marathon, which has been a huge yearly event for many years now.
definately one of the biggest days of the year, here in bengtsfors.

i started playing at about 21:10.
the weather that has been pretty bad earlier this week and felt highly unstable, was actually very nice this evening, so most people stayed outside of the café at that time.
totally understandable.
after a while, my wife, her sister and 2 friends walked in.
i knew that they wanted to hear songs by håkan hellström, so i played some of his songs.
at about 23:00, i was planning to take a break.
just before then, more people walked in so i thought it would be a bad time to stop.
so i continued playing as more and more people walked in.
all of a sudden the café was crowded, so i just kept on playing all the way, until about 01:10.

it was a great evening and i played a lot of songs that i'd learned over the last few weeks.
thanx to everyone, somehow involved in kickis café and to everyone who came.

the pic is shot by linda nettelbo.


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