Back On Marstrand 2016-07-15...

we've been coming back to the beautiful island of marstrand for 4 straight summers now.
the main event of our visits is the stefan andersson show held at the huge fortress.
stefan and his band play songs about the history of the fortress and some of its better known prisoners.
the whole evening is a very nice mix of food, great music, comedy, history and true stories about interesting happenings at the fortress.

we stayed 2 nights.
the first night we stayed at the fortress.
unfortunately we couldn't stay there both nights though, cause there were no rooms available.
so we had to move our stuff in the the morning, to another hotel called nautic.
nautic was much nicer tbh, but also much more expensive, but we didn't have any choice since all the other rooms on marstrand were already taken.

the show was just as awesome as always :-)

here are some random pics:


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