Back on Lanzarote...

me and my wife recently went back to Lanzarote on vacation (2016-03-04 - 2016-03-11).
this was our third visit to the island and the second time we spent a week in Playa Blanca.
the hotel was nice, but smaller than the ones we've stayed at lately.
the weather was not that great and it was also windy, but we adjusted and had a great time anyway.
we went on a hike to see some volcanos and that trip was nice.
one day there was a big carnival downtown.
it was my first carnival and we were very surprised about the huge number of people involved in the "parade".
seemed to go on forever.
we also climbed a volcano that we failed to climb during our last visit.
last time, we tried to climb it from the wrong side and it got steeper and steeper, windier and windier and after a long climb and close to the top, i got scared and wanted to go back down, but when i turned around and saw how high up i was, i got scared to go down as well.
it was one of the scariest times of my life and i was afraid to move at all.
it took some time, but we made it and on our way back to the hotel, happy to be alive, we noticed a road on the side of the volcano, leading to the top...
this time around we saw a path on the side of the volcano, for pedestrians.
we decided to take it and we successfully reached the top this time.
here are some of the pictures i shot with my mobile (sony xperia z3).
maybe i'll add soem more later.
the "mountain in the background on the first 2 pictures, is the volcano we climbed.
i could write a lot more, but this is probably too long already, so...


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