audiobooks (kurt cobain)...

i've finished another audiobook.
it's about the life and death of kurt cobain from the hugely successful band nirvana.
very interesting stuff and i liked it a lot.
after i'd finished it, i read about the book and apparently it was a collaboration between courtney love and charles cross...
i had no idea courtney was involved.
some people, including the remaining members of nirvana, are accusing courtney of changing history and pasting herself into things so they benefit her...
i don't really know what to believe about that.
now i can't wait to see the movie "montage of heck".
here is one of my favourites of nirvana (allthough this is a coversong of the band leadbelly) from mtv unplugged back in 1993.
the show was recorded in 1993-11-18 and kurt was extremely nervous.
the show was on tv 1993-12-14.
i must've watched this video 100 times and i always wonder what goes through kurts mind, when he appears to "wake up" at about 04:47 into the song...

here's a link to the audiobook:

here's a trailer for the movie "montage of heck":

ps! i wanna end this post by wishing everyone reading this an amazingly happy new year.


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