audiobooks (heart)...

i'm not into reading books and i never have been.
i'd much rather wait for the movie to come out, thinking that most books worth reading will be filmed sooner or later anyway.
audiobooks is another matter though that actually makes me wanna "read" (listen to) books.
i recently "read" an autobiography by the band "heart", called "Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul and Rock and Roll".
very interesting to hear their story which i knew nothing about.
mostly it was the 2 sisters in heart (ann and nancy wilson) who read the book and that made it even better, hearing it from them personally.
heart is a band i've listened to a lot over the years and if asked who my favourite female singer is, the lead singer of heart (ann wilson) has always been my answer (i'm not sure that would be the same answer today... i'd have to think about it).

here's a link to the book:

here's a link to one of their songs (video):


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