About The Gig At Kickis Café, 2016-06-18...

on saturday, i played at kickis café in bengtsfors, sweden, as a troubadour, when the café had their 10 year anniversary :-)

i was pretty nervous/ worried about it beforehand, being the first time i've ever done something like that, all on my own.
i've done maybe about a handful of gigs before, but than playing my own songs, maybe just a couple of coversongs and not alone.
it felt like a there were a ton of things could go wrong...

first off, i only knew a few coversongs, so i had to quickly start building a setlist of coversongs to learn.
i decided to use my ipad for all the lyrics and chords, instead of printing out all those songs on a ton of paper.
there are some really cool apps for this very purpose, for the ipad.
i'm definately no tech guy, so i was also worried about setting up the sound system and making it sound good and at the right volume.
i set everything up as well as i could and timo backman was kind enough to help me dial in a suitable volume.
several people told me later during the evening, that both the sound and the volume was great :-)

first off, before i even sat down with my guitar, an older guy who obviously had too much to drink said/ shouted to me: CREEEEDENCE!!!
that came as no surprise to me and i responded: yeah sure, you'll hear creedence in a while (i had already decided to start with a bob dylan song).
his response was: NOOOOOOOW!!!
i just said: later dude and started playing "blowing in the wind", by bob dylan.

the evening went on and it all turned out pretty awesome :-)
i met a lot of new friends and i had a great time :-)
beforehand, i thought maybe i had enough songs to play for about 2 hours, but i actually played for 3 hours, which i'm really happy about :-)

ps! fun fact: iron maiden had a show in gothenburg sweden, a few days ago...
i read a review about it and it appears that we ended our "gigs" with the same song "wasted years" ;-)

thanx to:
* kristin backman
* emma vilhelmsson
* timo backman
* lena backman
* patrik backman
* chyntia halldén

the pic is shot by my wife, chyntia halldén.


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