About The Gig At Brukskällan Bryggeri in Bäckefors, 2016-08-20...

last saturday, i played at brukskällan bryggeri in bäckefors, sweden.
it's a pretty new local beer brewery, just a few miles down the road.
very cool building and they've done a huge job fixing up the place both inside and outside.
they also brew there own beer and have 7 different kinds right now, that i still haven't heard anyone speak ill of.
this was their second event since starting up (their first event was a big screen soccer game).

to start the evening off, they served a bbq buffet at 18:00 - 20:00
i was gonna start playing at 21:00, so i got there about 20:20.
i was there earlier (at 16:00) to set everything up and to soundcheck.
this would be the very first time for live music in this building.
there was quite a lot of echoing going on in the room, kind of like a built in reverb,
so i decided to turn off my reverb for both my guitar and my vocals, to avoid "muddiness".
it sounded good like that, but we realized that it would sound different when the room got noisy and crowded.
when we were done testing, i had to move the gear aside, cause the bbq buffet was being served from the same spot.
no problem though and i just left as many cables as possible still attatched, to be able to set everything up again as smoothly and quickly as possible.

the clock turned 21:00 and i was gonna start playing.
there were a lot of people and a lot of noise in the room by then.
unfortunately i made a big rookie mistake and forgot to turn on the speaker to my left.
that mistake caused a lot of sound problems in the beginning, that shouldn't have happened.
to see things from a positive point of view...
i'll probably never make that mistake again.
i thought what i heard was just the difference of the sound of an empty and silent room vs a crowded and noisy room.
i tried a couple of times to introduce myself and say something before i started playing, but the volume was too low for me to hear myself.
i assumed the volume was too low for everyone else as well, so i raised the volume up, cut the introduction and started playing.
it didn't take long before i was told the volume was too high.
i lowered it and continued playing, but i wasn't happy at all with the sound.
shortly after that i was told that my vocals were to low.
ok, no problem i said and raised  the volume.
after about 30 minutes (at least) an old friend came up to me and said that one of the speakers doesn't seem to be on.
there's a blue light (facing the crowd) that shows the speakers are on and there was nothing blue on the speaker to my left, so yeah, it was turned off.
i turned it on right away and the difference was huge!!
at least for me, but probably for everyone else as well.
suddenly i could hear myself properly again and of course it was a lot more fun to play after that.
i played for a total of about 3 hours.

i also had another incident when someone danced/ fell into my mic stand during a song and the mic hit me on the mouth/ teeth.
he/ she stayed close enough to do it again, so i stopped playing right away until it was safe to start again.

this is the first summer i'm trying this stuff out, playing mostly covers live (all covers this gig though, as they requested songs people know),
so i haven't had the time to learn every song people wanna hear, but at every gig i get song requests that end up on my to do list and i just might've learned them the next time around.
before this summer i barely knew any coversongs at all, so i've still made a lot of progress, but i'm definately still a noob at this.
there are a lot of things to improve and obviously there will be mistakes made, but i am learning and improving and hopefully i won't make the same mistakes twice.

thanx to:
* Kenny Gustavsson
* Anki Johansson
* Daniel Hedström
* Linda Hedström
* Risto Lämsä (for telling me about the speaker)

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