A Great Week On Rhodes...

me and my wife recently (2016-09-11 - 2016-09-18) spent a week on the beautiful island of rhodes, greece.
9 years had passed since our last visit.
the hotel was very nice and is located in a small place called kolymbia.

one day we took the bus to rhodes city and spent the day walking around the old fortress and the old (and new) town.
the bus back to kolymbia was crowded to say the least...

another day we joined a tour with the flight company to visit the valley of butterflies and a small island called chalki.
on the boat to chalki and also on the way back, we spotted a couple of dolphins.

we usually like to go out after dinner, to have a drink (or more) "downtown".
kolymbia had 5-6 very nice places to do just that.
one of them, called memories had a live band called the izzy dizzy band playing rock music from the 80's and 90's every night.
another place had statues placed everywhere and it was also called statues bar
after a few days, we had tried our choice of cocktails everywhere and found the best place.
our cocktails of choice are pina colada for me and margarita for chyntia and the best place to get them in kolymbia was no doubt at a bar called antonis pub.

we also did some geocaching.
as we try to make every 100 caches special, we had prepared by having found 398 caches when we left sweden.
we had planned to find number 400 ontop of a mountain, where there is a monastery.
after a few days, we realized that one of those mountain tops we could see from our hotel, was actually where the cache is hidden.
it looked like a pretty high mountain from our point of view, but reading more about it, there's apparantely 305 steps to the top, so it shouldn't be too difficult of a climb, other than exhausting of course...
anyway, the week flew by, like it always does...
it was our last full day and we still hadn't found number 400.
we asked the hotel about walking to the bottom of those steps to the monastery?
thay said it was too far to walk there...
there was a guy at the hotel where we could rent a car, so we asked him if we could rent one for 3-4 hours, but the only option was for 1 full day and we didn't wanna do that...
we asked the hotel what it would cost to take a taxi there?
they said 300-400 skr...
we thought that was a bit too much money for 1 cache...
a very nice view from up there though i'm sure, but we decided that enough's enough.
we found another cache instead.
nothing special about it other than being guarded by 2 dragons, but at least we found number 400 on the island of rhodes and we settled for that.

to sum things up.
yet another awesome vacation with great weather and a lot of new adventures.


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