what's going on...

not much musically has been going on lately, other than an old song i've been working on and improved.

it's called "att vara..." and it's my first and only (so far) song in swedish and i'm currently working on 3 different versions of it.

i'm considering uploading all 3 versions and let you guys decide which one you like the best/ least of them...


this saturday, i'm playing at dalslands kulturauktion, in dals långed, sweden.

it's an event that started last year and i guess the plan is to do it yearly.

it's kind of a local celebrity auction, where local companies donate stuff to auction out.

there's also a regular auction with more than 800 objects.

all income of this event goes to the red cross.

thanx to jonny andersson who is the man behind this event.

i'll be there playing bruce springsteen songs (maybe a couple of my own songs as well) between 10:00-11:00.


when i'm done playing, i've got a train to catch, so i'll need to leave the event right away.

i would've liked to stay for a while and listened to caisa svanström, who'll be playing melissa horn songs.

i'm going to gothenburg for the weekend, to meet up and spend some valuable time with the family.

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