sweet holiday...

we've spent a week in fethiye, turkey.
it's starting to get too cold here in sweden, so october is a great time to leave for warmer countries.
this year we decided to go back to turkey.
we stayed at sensatori resort fethiye.
a very nice hotel outside the city.
october is the end of the holiday season in turkey, so the weather is a little more risky, but we were lucky and had all the sun we needed.
last time we visited turkey, it was in august and too hot for us, so we figured october would be more pleasant and it was.
this holiday in short (i might add more pix...):

* taxi-boat
* fethiye city
* jeep-safari
* geocaching
* mountain-climbing
* turtle (at the top of the mountain)
* branches full of white-shelled snails (at the top of the mountain)
* walk on the beach where a scene from the james bond movie "skyfall" apparentely was filmed.
* chocolate martinis
* great food
* adult section
* great entertainment group
* coffee shop (loads and loads of cakes)
* secret bar
* umbrella street

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