Open Mic 2016-11-02...

time for another open mic in bengtsfors, sweden.
dick johansson hosted the event as usual and did a great job as usual.
this was yet another awesome evening with a crowded house, a lot of great music, great artists and a great audience.
thanx to dick johansson and sensus dalsland for arranging these very nice events.
thanx to susanne olsen and geoffrey keith robotham for taking these pictures to remind us of this evening and share it with those who weren't there.

i'm currently listening to ramones quite a lot and that was a big influence for the songs i played this evening.
these are the songs i performed:
* pet sematary (this is the song the ramones wrote and recorded back in 1989 for the movie pet sematary, by stephen king).
* do you wanna dance (1979 ramones debuted in a movie called rock 'n roll high school, with this song).
* blitzkrieg bop (ramones excellent debut single from 1976).

first pic is shot by susanne olsen.
the other 2 pix are shot by geoffrey keith robotham.

later this evening the fingerpickin' boys (dick johansson, ulf lundqvist and me) played for the second time.
we played:
* granit och morän (an excellent song by lars winnerbäck with me on vocals).
* if i needed you (a song by townes van zandt with ulf on vocals).

pic is shot by susanne olsen.

there were more singers on the stage (i hope i got all the names right).
these pix are shot by susanne olsen and geoffrey keith robotham, but since he's actually in a pic himself (that susanne didn't shoot), i can't be sure who's behind the camera (maybe his wife...).

* dick johansson

* elin nygren (vocals)

* frida enarsson (vocals)
* alinda bryntesson (guitar)
* kevin jansson (keyboard)
* johan bryntesson (keyboard)

* dilba fredriksson (vocals)

* geoffrey keith robotham (vocals)

* lena bergfalk

and a couple of collages created by susanne olsen


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