Open Mic 2016-10-19...

i'm taking classes for a guitar technique called fingerpicking, where you pluck separate strings, instead of strumming them all at once.
unfortuantely there have been several dropouts, so we're only 2 students left now (me and ulf lundqvist) out of 7.
dick johansson is the teacher of our class and he also hosts the open mics.
anyway dick calling us "the fingerpickin' boys, the 3 of us joined forces this evening and performed a song written by townes van zandt, called if i needed you.
unfortunately we all had problems hearing each other on stage, so the performance wasn't that great, but we'll do better next time.
in this pic it's ulf lundqvist standing in the front, dick johansson sitting to your left and me half blocked behind ulf.

i played 4 songs this evening:
* one call away (great song by charlie puth and highly recommended by my mom)
* good riddance time of your life (great song by green day that they usually end their shows with)
* not ready to make nice (great song by dixie chicks. a country band that was banned from playing live for many years because they publically critisized the us president)
* born to run (one of the best bruce springsteen songs accoarding to the boss himself. he was asked which of his songs are top 5 and this was the first one he mentioned)

this open mic ended very nicely with all singers performing the famous leonard cohen song hallelujah together.

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