Open Mic 2016-03-29...

the last few weeks, i've been working hard on a song for a music competition called p4 nästa.
it's a competition run by swedish radio and the deadline to send them the song is 2017-04-01, so i got ready just in time.
it's my only song (so far) in swedish.
i don't have any grand expectations about it, but at least my chanses are greater now that i have a song for them to listen to.
a pretty well known swedish guitarplayer called johan norberg, once wrote about how every song you write can be compared to joining a big lottery.
every new song means a new ticket for that lottery.
i like that perspective.
working on that song, means that i haven't had much time to prepare for this open mic.
my plan was to only play one song and that's it.
so i started rehearsing a song that i like a lot and knew roughly how it goes, to save me some time.
it's desperado by eagles.

when i got to the open mic, my mom said she wanted to hear some other songs and mentioned a few.
then i talked to dick, who runs the open mics and he said that there had been a lot of drop outs this evening, so he wanted me to play at least two songs.
so i sat down in a far away corner and started rehearsing another song.
so, the songs i played were:
* strövtåg i hembygden - mando diao
* desperado - eagles

my mom filmed most of my performance with her phone, so the quality isn't that great, but it's certainly a lot better than nothing at all.
(the original file size of the video was very large, so to make it smaller i had to compress it, which made the quality even worse.)

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