Open Mic 2016-02-15...

i've been working on other musical stuff lately, so i wasn't really prepared for this open mic.
anyway, when dick johannson asked if i was coming, i told him that i hadn't prepared any songs so i wasn't sure i could make it in time.
open mics start at 18:30 and about 14:00 that same day, i started looking for great songs that i might be able to learn quickly.
to challenge myself, to learn new songs and to keep improving, i decided early on, to never (well almost never) repeat myself, so every open mic (with a few exceptions), i try to learn new songs.
i quickly decided to try out avicii songs.
he has a lot of great songs.
i chose 3 of them and started playing.
2 of them i've heard on the radio where they're played quite a lot, so i pretty much knew them already.
i played around with those 3 songs for a couple of hours and felt that, even though i needed more time rehearsing them to feel secure, i was gonna give it a try.
i guess my performance that night wasn't the total disaster it could've been, but it showed the truth and that is that i wasn't quite ready to play those songs with only a couple of hours rehearsals.
lesson learned (hopefully).
these are the 2 songs i played:
* avicii - hey brother
* avicii - wake me up

the 3:rd song i rehearsed, but didn't get to play is:
* avicii - the nights

pix shot by peter magnusson.

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