Open Mic 2016-02-01...

this was actually the second open mic this season, but i missed the first one (cause i was working), so this was my season premiere.
it was a very nice evening, just like most open mics in bengtsfors, sweden.

we've also started a new season of our ukulele group and we get together and play on mondays.
this monday (2017-01-30), we played a new song.
it was an elvis song i'd never heard before.
i liked it so i thought that maybe i could try and play it at the open mic on wednesday...
on tuesday, i started to look for the song on youtube, so i could start practicing it.
i knew the title was long and had the word blue in it, so i searched for elvis blue...
based on the results, i figured it had to be the song "blue eyes crying in the rain".
it was sooo much slower than the way we played it on ukulele though, so i started to rehearse a faster version of the song on guitar and i honestly thought it sounded a lot better with increased speed.
later i found another version by willie nelson, which i like better and is closer to how i play it.
after a while i checked the chord sheet of the song from the ukulele version and found out it was the wrong song.
the song i should've been practicing is called "when my blue moon turns to gold again".
anyway, since i like the speeded "blue eyes crying in the rain", i kept on rehearsing that one.

so, at the open mic, i played the following 4 songs:
* willie nelson - blue eyes crying in the rain
* broder daniel - shoreline
* mando diao - strövtåg i hembygden
* broder daniel - when we were winning

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