"new" guitar...

i've been thinking about maybe getting one more acoustic guitar for a while now...
i mean it's not like i really "need" one more, since i already have an awesome acoustic gibson, but you never know...
some opportunity might turn up out of nowhere and it just might not be appropriate to bring the gibson to every scenario...
it's not like i'm willing to take any risks with my gibson.

so, that's the kind of thinking that got me started, once again looking at guitar adds, reading/ watching guitar reviews and so on.
i never felt like i was in a rush or anything, but just keeping an eye open for anything interesting that just might turn up (or not).
i saw a couple of interesting adds at vend.se (a swedish site for used instruments) and sent them an email with questions.
one add was especially interesting, cause it was a tanglewood guitar.
tanglewood is an excellent brand of guitars, i've been watching and wanting for ages.
just about everytime i've read about them over the years, the comments have always stayed  the same, saying that they sound fantastic and a lot more expensive than what those numbers on the pricetag says.
this perticular tanglewood model though, i'd never heard of before.
it was a Tanglewood TW73VSE.

i started to check it out on youtube and on every possible site i could find, to read all about it and to hear how it sounds.
here are a couple of examples of what i found on youtube:

(same guitar, but without any electronics/ mic installed)

i think most of you would agree that it sounds pretty damn excellent.
what i read about it was also nothing but positives about this guitar, so i decided to get it.
one problem was that the distance between us was too far (about 400km), so we started discussing how and if he could send it to me.
there was no case for the guitar, so that would mean a risk of damage...
eventually we came up with the perfect solution.
i wanted a hard case for the guitar.
that would also mean that the guitar would be safe and any risk of damaged goods, would be minimized.
so he went to a local musicstore called Halkan´s Rockhouse and asked if they happend to have any used hard cases that would be the right size for the guitar.
thay actually had a case like that.
it's not a perfect fit, since the guitar has a small body, but they stuffed in some foam rubber to keep it in place and it works great.

so he sent the guitar in the hard case by bus.
2-3 days later i held it in my hand.
the first thing i did was to change the strings.
i put on my new favourites, martin lifespan 0.12-0.54.
tuned it up and strummed it for the very first time.
this guitar sounds really awesome and i feel very fortunate that i got it.
i still haven't compared the sound to my gibson, but they should sound very different.

i even got a humidifier along with the guitar, wich is necessary here in sweden, cause the air gets very dry during the winters.
worst case scenario without using a humidifier would be that the guitar could actually crack.

so, i wanna say thanx a lot to pär, for selling me this excellent guitar and making the extra effort of getting a hardcase for it.
rock on dudes/ dudettes!


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