Jonny's Classic Meeting

2017-05-20 an event called jonny's classic meeting took place in dals långed, sweden, showing off a bunch of classic cars.

this was the 5- year celebration of this event.

the weather was great this saturday.

all the fancy cars were parked outside for everyone to watch.

inside, there were some stands set up with different items for sale and a separate room for all things relating to the amazing erik berger.

erik was an excellent race car driver and he shared some of his most special moments of his long career with us from the stage.

erik, who is now 92 years old, ended his very successfull career after a race at the age of 89, which is pretty incredible.

actually i think he holds the world record as the oldest active race car driver.

i started playing at about 11:25 and had been told to stop at 11:55 and then tell everyone still inside to step out.

i guess they were showing off some special cars or something, i don't really know.

my next set was 12:30-13:00.

since the weather was great and all the cars were the main attraction of this event, most people stayed outside.

i was playing inside...

anyway, it was a great event and i had fun playing for about an hour in total.

thanx to jonny andersson who is the man behind this event and to all of you who stopped by to listen.

this picture was shot at the event by my wife, chyntia.


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