Dalslands KulturAuktion in Dals Långed - 2017-07-29...

about a week ago (2017-07-29), i was playing at dalslands kulturauktion, in dals långed, sweden. 

it's an event that started last year and i guess the plan is to do it yearly. 

it's kind of a local celebrity auction, where local companies donate stuff to auction out. 

there's also a regular auction with more than 800 objects. 

all income of this event goes to the red cross. 

thanx to jonny andersson who is the man behind this event. 

i was there playing bruce springsteen songs (and one of my own songs as well (called "i wanna know"), that i actually wrote right after listening to the nebraska album by bruce springsteen, for the very first time) between 10:00-11:00.

i had fun playing and i saw some familiar faces in the crowd.

the songs i played were:

* waiting on a sunny day

* hungry heart

* born in the usa

* born to run

* no surrender

* the river

* thunder road

* i'm on fire

* johnny 99

* i wanna know

* glory days

* i'm going down

* dancing in the dark

after i had played these songs, i repeated 3 songs, thinking that most people there missed them the first time around.

* waiting on a sunny day

* born in the usa

* hungry heart


thanx once again to jonny andersson, for arranging this event.

thanx to everyone who listened.

photo shot by monica nord-halldén.

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