Dalslands KulturAuktion 2019...

Tomorrow 2019-07-28, it's time for this year's event, in Dals Långed, Sweden.

I've been invited and asked to play 2 sets with mostly songs by Creedence/ john Fogerty, but also a couple of my own songs and 1-2 covers by other artists.

So that's what i'm planning to do.

If you wanna hear some classic tunes tomorrow and/ or are interested in the auction, you'll know where it's all happening (all info is in the poster).

As always, this is all for a good cause and this year, all profits go to doctors without borders, aka MSF.

Thanx to Jonny Andersson, for arranging this event.

PS! it's probably worth mentioning that this in a cash only event.

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