About The Gig At Kickis Café, 2016-11-25...

2016-11-25 was a friday.
it was time for another gig at kickis café in bengtsfors, sweden.
a very nice café with a great location.
this was a very important night for me.
the last gig was about 3 months ago and i felt that i needed this to be a good experience.
kind of like proving to myself that i can do this.
i started playing at 21:00 and as usual there weren't that many people there that early.
mostly family members, my wife and a couple of nice norweigans.
i kept on playing and had a good time doing it and as time flew by, more people started to fill up the place.
at around 23:30 (or maybe 24:00), the café was pretty much crowded and a friend of mine, jonny andersson, kindly reminded me to turn up the vocals.
the volume was probably ok before, but as more people showed up, i should've realised that i needed to raise the volume accordingly.
another lesson learned.
to sum things up, it was a great night and i had a lot of fun.
just what i needed at the time.
thanx to kickis café and to everyone who joined the party.
this pic is from another gig at kickis café.

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