About The Gig At Dalslands KulturAuktion, 2016-07-29...

on my way to the gig at folkets hus in dals långed it started raining.
that's when i knew what song to start out with.
other than that, i didn't have a specific setlist, but i had 9 bruce springsteen songs to choose from and thought i'd just pick them as i go.

the original plan was to start playing the first set at 12:30 and stop after 15-20 minutes.
i was thinking there was time for maybe 4-5 songs.
i was told in advance that it was ok for me to play 1-2 of my own songs, so i thought  i'd play 1 of my own songs in each set.
at some time, probably when i was playing, there was a change of plans that i wasn't aware of.
those changes meant for me that i only had 1 set and i still thought i was playing 2 sets.
the positive side of this was that my only set was prolonged, so i had time to play 7 songs.
the downside was that i saved some of the best songs for my second set, so now i didn't get to play them.

anyway i had a great time and i wanna thank jonny andersson who arranged this event and to everyone else involved in making everything work out.
click the link for more info about this event.

these are the songs i played (not 100% sure of the order between the first 2 songs and the last):

* waitin' on a sunny day
* no surrender
* i'm on fire
* i'll be there
* hungry heart
* the river
* because the night

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