New original song's about to be released...

I've been working hard the last few months to finally finish my latest project.

It's a song with quite a story.


I wrote it some time way back in '95 - '99, in a small and blue attic, that i used to live in.

it was my very first own apartment and i stayed there for about 10 years.

I felt like i wanted to try to write the lyrics in swedish, for the first time.

I think it's harder to write lyrics in your own language, cause the words become much more personal and important.

Anyway, the mindset going into writing those lyrics, was to just clear my head of everything and just write whatever comes out.

Those lyrics that i wrote that day, turned out to be quite dark and gloomy, but still with a little bit of hope tucked in there.

I can't remember how i felt back then, but i'm guessing, listening to the lyrics, that it wasn't my happiest moment.


Me and my brother made a recording of the song, on my yamaha 4-channel cassette recorder.

It was hard rock.

Heavily distorted guitars from my hamer guitar and my brother's zoom distortion pedal.

The drums were a simple drum beat from my alesis sr-16 drum machine, with some fills at the appropriate places.

There was no bass, so it sounds pretty thin, but we had a lot of fun.

Maybe i'll post that old version as well, just so you can hear the difference...

I'll bet some of you will probably prefer that old one, before this new version of the song.

They sound dramatically different imho.

Not at all the same genre anymore.

I've also made some musical changes to the chorus, which make the song sound more dynamic.


I bought my first ipad a couple of years ago.

I knew there were a ton of awesome music apps on that platform, that you can't get elsewhere.

I bought a lot of really cool music apps and decided that i wanted to try and record this song on the ipad.

I have a soundcard (rme babyface) that's compatible with the ipad, so that worked like a charm.

I recorded all the vocals, all the bass and some of the guitars onto my ipad, using an app called auria pro.

Auria pro is one of a few awesome daws for the ipad and everything worked great.

The rest of the instruments, drums, some of the guitars and the piano were created, using a combination of different ipad apps and pc programs.

I imported the song and the instruments from my ipad to my pc and did all the editing, mixing and mastering process, in a pc daw called cubase 8.5.


I decided to release this song as a lyricvideo.

It's actually finished already, but the problem is that the file size is too big to upload, so i'll have to find a way to shrink it and still maintain the highest possible


So that's what i'm doing right now.

I'll probably make a new post when i've found a solution to this problem and i've uploaded the video to youtube.

I've never even come close to the amount of time and work, that i've put into this song.

I really hope you'll like it.

Huggz and kizzez to everyone!

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