My Musical Journey

My name is Andreas Bryntesson.
I'm a songwriter that also sing and play guitar.
I've recorded some of my songs myself during the years, but I've always thought they deserved a better fate, so I got in touch with a guy that runs a pretty small but well equipped studio and set up a date to record some of the songs more seriously...
This was happening some time around march of 2013.

The initial plan was to just hit that red button, play guitar and sing those songs and Fredrik Bergqvist was going to play bass, to get a richer/fuller sound.
I wanted to record about 4-5 songs and I figured we should be all done in about 10-15 hours/ 1-2 days...
Man was I dreaming.
To make a very long story short, things evolved really fast and the project grew quite a lot in proportion compared to the original plan.
Due to many different reasons there were a ton of delays along the way, but the album is finally finished and I actually got the delivery of 300 copies the day before christmas.
Here are some of the biggest changes compared to the original plan:
* 11 songs, instead of 4-5.
* 5 musicians are rocking out on those songs instead of 2.
* 2 of those 11 songs are new and were actually written during the recording process.

My grandfather was a great musician and I guess he was kind enough to pass along some of that to me.
He had all kinds of instruments at his house and I always wanted to play guitar even as a little kid, but my grandfather thought it would be better for me to learn how to play piano first.
So as a kid (pre teens), he gave me pianolessons for a few years.
I still have an old recording on a cassette of us playing together.
I'm playing the piano and he's playing clarinet.
He grew older and eventually he was hospitalized and as he was lying there, I was told that he had expressed his wish, that he wanted me to have his guitar, when he was gone.
I guess he knew all along that I really wanted to play guitar, but unfortunately time ran out before we got there.
His wish came true and I got his beloved and still very beautiful Levin, nylon string guitar, made back in 1959 (actually it's that very guitar I'm playing in the photo on the first page) and I started playing it right away.
Pretty soon I strummed my very first chords ever and I learned songs by trying to play along to old cassette tapes (anybody remember those...?).
I've bought a few other guitars since then, but the one my grandfather gave me will always have a place on my wall and I still take it down and play it sometimes, cause it's a still a great guitar with a very special feeling attached to it.

I've always liked listening to music, but it wasn't until I was maybe about 24, that I started to realize that I could actually try to write some songs myself.
Before that, I had never even thought about that possibility.
The very first song I ever wrote was called "dreams".
I can still remember the melody of those verses and of course it was really bad, but at least it was my first serious attempt at it and as I kept writing new songs I felt an improvement for every new song I wrote.
I didn't write as much as I should have though, as I had other interests that I prioritized over writing songs and right after graduating I got a job at a factory nearby.
I guess having a job and a steady income made me feel less "hungry" for writing music, so musically things were going very slow.
I still came up with a lot of really great ideas for new songs all the time, but unfortunately most of them were just abandoned, because of lack of energy and I didnĀ“t feel like I "had to" do anything other than work and make money.
So very regrettably I wasted far too many years and I didn't write much at all.
Maybe just about 1-2 songs every year, that was finished and recorded on my 4-track Yamaha cassette recorder.
Everything else was thrown away and there was plenty of great stuff wasted like that during all those years.

A couple of years ago, the factory I work at, had some kind of a crisis going on and that was the first time I felt my employment was at serious risk.
That feeling got me worried, so I started thinking about what I would do if I lost my job.
So, in light of all that, I started playing music a lot more frequently again and I started writing more songs.
I guess, in some weird way, I needed that threat of losing my job, to start taking my music a lot more seriously.

A few years ago a friend asked me about what my thoughts were about performing live.
i answered that it would never happen, cause there was just no way I could see myself up there in front of an audience.
That question got me starting to think about it though and I guess I started to prepare mentally back then.

Last year me and Fredrik played 2 live shows and this year we have played one so far.
The first show was very hard and I was really shaky.
We played 3 songs.
I can't say that I had much fun that time, but we did it and it was an ok performance after all.
My brother videorecorded that first show and even though it was very hard, I watched it, listened to it and noticed a lot of things that I should've done and shouldn't have done.
I also got some feedback from some peolple in the audience afterwards and it was obvious to me that I had a lot to improve.
It's different for Fredrik, cause he has a lot more experience of live performances.
The only experience I ever had before this was at a few weddings and baptisms and that's something totally different.

The second show was a huge improvement in every way.
We played 4 songs and I felt a lot more secure, trying to focus on what I knew I needed to improve.
That show was actually a lot of fun and very relaxed for both of us.

The third show was also an obvious improvement.
We played 5 songs that day.
I'm starting to feel more comfortable on stage and I'm having more fun.
We've only done 3 shows so far, but I feel pretty sure that it's only gonna get easier and better over time and experience and that's a great feeling.

That third show, unfortunately turned out to be our last as some kind of a collaboration, as Fredrik chooses to focus on other projects instead.
I wish him the very best and will continue this journey on my own.
I've been trying to recruit some more musicians to get a bigger sound similar to that on the album.
Hopefully I can get some kind of a band situation going, but no luck so far.

This whole project has taken a really long time, but I truly hope that it's something you'll find was worth waiting for when you get to hear the songs.