Hello and welcome to my website.
I'm a singer and a songwriter from Sweden.
2015-03-06 was the release date of my debut album.
I've chosen 11 of my songs, all written in different levels of pain, agony, anger, frustration, love, heartache, sorrow and misery, stretching from around the mid 90's until and including the year of 2013.

I enjoy all kinds of music and I think a great song is still great no matter what genre it happens to be placed in, so I have a lot of awesome influences that probably have influenced me as a songwriter.
Some examples of my greatest musical influences are:
* Guns and Roses
* Green day
* Bruce Springsteen
* Return
* The Lumineers
* Passenger

My music would probably be labelled as some kind of a mix of pop/rock/punk/ballad, all depending on which song is being referred to.
If you mix up all of my greatest influences mentioned above, I guess you'll end up with something in the ballpark of what the songs on my album might hopefully sound like...;-)

Latest News

back in school... 

working on new songs and i'm currently in the process of mixing one of them.

during the recent sales, i've bought some new and very cool plugins, to help me get my songs to sound closer to how i'm actually hearing them in my head.

i've also joined 2 online audio academies, to take my recording, mixing and mastering game to the next level.

lots of fun coming up when this crap year is finally history!

take care and stay safe!

Andreas Bryntesson - Att Vara... New Original Song 2019 (Lyric Video)

Andreas Bryntesson - Some Day (Lyric Video)

Andreas Bryntesson - Nevermore (Lyric Video)

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